Posted by: Daughters of St. Paul Senior Sisters | June 25, 2009


We are glad that you have visited this site where we will share with you the life and inspiration of a great woman of God with whom we have lived, from whom we have learned so many things, and with whom we have worked side by side. Mother Thecla was the co-foundress of our community, the Daughters of St. Paul, but even more than that, she was the woman who showed us how to spend our lives for the sake of the word–using the means of communication to announce to others the message of our salvation in Christ.

We would like to introduce ourselves. We are the senior sisters of the Daughters of St. Paul and live in our motherhouse in Boston. The sisters in our community refer to us as the Powerhouse of Prayer and whenever someone has a special intention we make it our job to pray to God through Mother Thecla’s intercession, so that each person will find peace and hope.

Take a moment to look through these pages about Mother Thecla. There is a page which lists the special prayer for Mother Thecla’s intercession. And if you need a special prayer we will put our “Powerhouse of Prayer” to work for you! On other pages you will learn more about our community and the work that we are entrusted with in the Church. Be assured of our prayers for each of you.

Many blessings in Christ,

The Senior Sisters, Daughters of St. Paul


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