Several months ago I felt as though everything was going wrong. My husband is disabled, our son was not receiving his monthly checks, and our car, which we bought about a month ago, looked as if it needed a complete repair job. I just didn’t know how to make ends meet.

Three days after I started praying through Mother Thecla’s intercession, I received the bill for the car–less than a $100.00. Thank you, Lord, and Mother Thecla. About a week later, our son received his back checks and it looked as if he will be able to go to college.

Since then Mother Thecla has helped with our water heater, and helped me to have faith again.

Now you know why I say she has a “direct line” with the Lord. M.B., Ohio


I don’t know exactly where to start this letter because there is so much to tell, but I will try to keep it brief. I wrote to you before, many years ago. I had a bad eye infection for eight months; nothing seemed to help, and then I picked up a brochure on Mother Thecla and prayed for her intercession. In three days my eyes were better. Since that time I have prayed to her every day. Within hours, within minutes, my prayers have been answered. I have had several people ask me for her card and her medal. One man, a doctor, wanted to commit suicide after losing his job; today he is happy–a new job, home and his family all together. Another man’s wife left him; he was so desperate. Today they are back together. Mother Thecla Merlo kept him safe and happy those many terrible months. He still wears her medal and he had no faith before. A month ago my dear mother was taken into the hospital.  Her potassium was eating up her sodium, and this can be fatal. She had also had an allergic reaction to a drug she had been prescribed and was very confused. I asked Mother Thecla to intercede for me once again. Now, after all kinds of tests, my mother is well. Thank you. J.W., Massachusetts


I must say that Mother Thecla has helped me tremendously, through her intercession, to clear my mind. I was filled with despair and so confused. My world was shattering around me and I didn’t know what was happening, between my business and personal problems and family…. But she helped me “pull through.” Now I’m able to make a decision. I will always be grateful for her intercession. R.C., Massachusetts


After reading about Mother Thecla I decided to say the prayer for her intercession as I had a lung disease. I was taking medication every day to keep my lungs clear, and the outlook for my future was not good, as the doctors told me that my condition was irreversible. Last year about this time it got so bad I almost had to retire from my business. The day after starting the prayer all my symptoms left me and I haven’t taken any medications since. V.A., Ohio


I want you to know I asked Mother Thecla’s intercession for a special intention–to get a job. I said the prayer once or twice and on September 23rd I went for a job interview and got the job, all on the same day. When I looked up the feastday I discovered it was the feast of St. Thecla. I really think Mother Thecla and Our Lady got the job for me. K.W., Pennsylvania


I gave the prayer to Mother Thecla to my mother who is gravely ill with pancreatic cancer and after being told by the doctor that she had perhaps a month to live…. After getting her started on that prayer it is unbelievable the change in her both mentally and physically. She has had no further treatment; her radiation treatments were already finished and only blood transfusions since. So much improved that it is to us a miracle. A. M., California


I had been suffering with a very painful foot. I could barely walk from room to room without extreme pain from a previous foot growth. I prayed for the intercession of Mother Thecla and within three days the pain disappeared. She has helped me so many times with financial aid and the answer to numerous small favors. C.B., Ohio


Over the past few years I have prayed for Mother Thecla’s intercession concerning many emotional problems and physical illnesses which my family has endured. She has never let us down. R.C., Pennsylvania


My family seems to be achieving peace among themselves. But the most important favor to date is that obtained for my son. He was enrolled in nursing school and the student loans didn’t come through. As I tried to think of a way to get the money for the month, he was going to withdraw. A friend called to ask for a favor and, hearing how depressed I was, offered to lend me the money. All the while I had been holding the medal of Mother Thecla and asking her help. J. L., Louisianna


I have been praying for ten years that my daughter might have a baby. She has gone to different doctors and they all told her it was impossible. I started praying harder and asking Mother Thecla’s intercession. Six months later my daughter found out that she was four months pregnant. Our prayers had been answered. The specialist told my daughter it was a “miracle.” He couldn’t explain how her pregnancy was possible. D.B., Connecticut


We received the favor we have been requesting. Our place of business was failing last year. I prayed for Mother Thecla to intercede, and since then we haven’t stopped working. I am enclosing a small donation. L. S., New York


Mother Thecla has responded to another prayer request regarding our financial needs when I prayed for her intercession. She is truly so wonderful and her powers are truly amazing. I continue to pray for her beatification and for each of you sisters. Ohio


You cannot believe the special favors received by people I’ve given Mother Thecla’s medal and prayer card to over the years.

People who could have not have children are now parents.

Several who have lost jobs are now employed.

Those who lost loved ones have found a purpose through her.

I hope I will see the day when she is made a saint. New Jersey


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