Words of Courage


Let’s recommend ourselves to St. Paul. As we say, in heaven he has “long arms,” and that means that he has a lot of influence with the Lord.


We need to empty ourselves of ourselves and become small like children. Making a good impression or being respected is not important to children, because they’re little. Let’s get accustomed, then, to thinking well of everyone.


Now I should talk about prayer. What does it come down to? Living our life in Jesus, reaching the point that our thoughts are his thoughts, our affections are his and our will is his, we have his same desires.

Prayer is useful for everything. Thus, prayer first of all.


The power idea which must animate us is the thought of souls. This thought must goad us on. We must be concerned about how we are to reach people and bring them the Word of truth and salvation. How many souls never hear of God! Who will help them?


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